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Security for Homes

Protect your contents and loved ones with our comprehensive range of Security Solutions , covering all forms of internal and external protection to windows and doorways , from the industry’s leading home security specialist.

Retractable gates , Grilles , Aluminium Roller Shutters  designed specifically with the home in mind , to the highest specifications of strength , ease of use and visual appearance. .

Internal Retractable Gates positioned close to the glazing and behind the window blinds or curtains , our grilles can be clearly seen from the outside to fully utilise their deterrent value , while on the inside their small neat bunches hide behind the furnishings .

The versatility to open and close together has the added benefit of providing security with ventilation when you have your windows and doors open for fresh air , simply pull across and lock and be safe in the knowledge that there is a physical barrier in place to protect against the opportunist thief.

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Roller Garage Doors
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A great and affordable way to add security to the home

It is a myth to think that security shutters can only be fitted on commercial buildings such as offices and factories. Today a number of people have decided to protect doors and windows by having professionally installed security shutters fitted to their homes. Anyone planning to break into your property or cause internal damage will have a nasty shock when they come up against security shutters! Our security shutters come in an array of different sizes and specifications, and we’re sure that you’ll find something to meet your exact needs.

The Aluminium Continental Style Roller Shutter is the automatic choice for the householder looking for maximum security and a discreet and stylish appearance. The high quality of material and components used together with their compact design enables installation within eaves areas above openings which previously would have been a constraint. Advance Security Screening’s comprehensive range of specifications , suit all openings and applications where a stylish appearance coupled with ease of operation and strength is of the upper most importance. When installed they form an impenetrable barrier effectively sealing off the windows and doorways ,providing the ultimate deterrent.

More than just a form of security , our aluminium roller shutters provide other benefits such as sun shading as a form of window blind , minimising the effects of direct sunlight on fabric furnishings and complete blackout for bedrooms where no light penetration is necessary . Also, the tight installation over the openings provides improved insulation against draughts and the elements , as well as reducing the transmission of outside noise.

In striving to keep a pace with new developments in home improvements such as full width Bi folding doors we can provide specifications to secure this size of coverage and also combine a window blind solution.

Easily adaptable to integrating to home operation systems . They can be remote control singularly or as a group form a single hand held transmitter , which negates the need for permanent internal switches beside each shutter.

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We were left high and dry by another well known Roller Shutters company in regard to proposed delivery times. Harry at Advanced Security Screening stepped in and surveyed and installed new fire shutters within a week!

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