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Security for Retail

Advance Security Screening’s comprehensive range of product specifications , suit all aspects of retail security from the shopfront to the rear doors  and windows. The front aspect requires a stylish appearance coupled with ease of operation and strength , while the rear often exposed openings need an impenetrable barrier effectively sealing off the property and providing the ultimate deterrent. 

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Roller Shutters

Aluminium Vision Roller Shutters in a range of specifications combining strength with the ability to see through. Utilising their neat design and appearance provides a complimentary role in the promotion of the goods and services within.

Traditional steel shutters are the most secure choice of externally fitted security against attempted break ins and vandalism. Available with the option of a Perforated Curtain which allows 25% through vision and which when back lit appears almost transparent . This coupled with our unique design features provides a suitable solution for  vision requirements in  sensitive planning locations where solid external roller shutters are prohibited.

Retractable Grilles

A high security and cost effective form of internal shopfront window and doorway  security meeting the requirements in  sensitive planning locations where external roller shutters are prohibited .

When positioned immediately behind the glazing they provide a barrier of strength and deterrent to an attempted smash and grab.

When opened they will slide back into unobtrusive  neat stacks , to give maximum display viewing. Similarly when closed vision is provided looking through the latticework. If a full unhindered viewing space is required then the stacks can be provided with a swivel hinge aside facility so as not to encroach over the glazing.

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You won’t just get professionally fitted security shutters with Advance Security Screening. With over 21 years of experience, we are a well-established company with a proven track record. All of our physical security products are manufactured to the highest standards and fitted by professionals. We take customer service very seriously, and will be happy to help you find the ideal physical security solution to suit your particular situation.

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We were left high and dry by another well known Roller Shutters company in regard to proposed delivery times. Harry at Advanced Security Screening stepped in and surveyed and installed new fire shutters within a week!

Jo and Kevin Barbour from Surrey
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