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Aluminium Roller Shutters

Aluminium Roller Shutters represent the cutting edge of modern day physical security design and innovation. The high quality of material and components together with their compact design , provides a solutions to areas previously constrained to other inferior or inappropriate products. Advance Security Screening’s comprehensive range of specifications , suit all openings and applications where a stylish appearance coupled with ease of operation and strength is of the upper most importance. When installed they form an impenetrable barrier effectively sealing off the windows and doorways ,providing the ultimate deterrent. 

Aluminium roller shutters
aluminium shutters

Keep your Property Safe and Secure

Although used predominately  over  shopfronts, their neat design and appearance provides a versatile  option for internal installation where they are utilised over doorways and entrances to  storage areas as a secondary line of defence. With specifications available to cover a wide range of widths and heights, the aluminium shutters  are suited to applications where site conditions require a more aesthetic and compact design in contrast to the industrial, old fashioned nature of traditional steel shutters.

To compliment your retail image all shutters can be powder coated to specific colours to match the shopfront and signage.

All are shutters are CE marked and fulfil all current statutory safety regulations including a mandatory emergency brake over doorway openings. The continual improvement in product design and our many years of service to both the general public and commerce in providing expert assessment and installation , you can feel rest assured that you have made the right choice in choosing us as your preferred supplier.

Solid Extruded Aluminium Roller Shutters

Compact Installation, comprising of aesthetic small headbox, guides and curtain.


Solid 44 or 55mm Extruded Aluminium Double Walled Laths, interlocked with endlocks and an Extruded Section Bottom Rail. This specification is highly recommended due to its aesthetic appearance, strength and advantageous small headbox sizes.


Dependent upon height 165 to 250 mm Square Steel Endplates with a 45 degree chamfer to the front edge , enclosed by a Roll Formed Aluminium Cover, supporting a Barrel on which the curtain is attached.


66 or 75mm wide Extruded Aluminium Channels.


Electric Tube Motor with individual Switch group command and wireless remote control


100% Powder Coat Finish in white or brown as standard or to any colour choice on request.

Why choose Advance Security Screening?

Peace of mind in trusting in a company with personnel who have over 20 years of expertise to provide you with a professional survey to appraise your needs and provide a range of cost effect solutions.

As a customer you will benefit from ASS as a manufacture. Your shutter will be custom made, fitting and blending to its location for optimum strength and discretion.

Our total in house production results in a high speed of turnaround to protect your property.

Flexibility in tailoring the product with locking options and colour finishes.

Expert installation from our own fitters using specialist fixings  or guidance for a DIY fit.

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