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Shutters for Windows

Advance Security Screening manufacture only the highest quality roller window shutters for your protection and peace of mind. To make our roller window shutters we use extruded aluminium laths as it gives a high quality finish and improves the aesthetics of the shutter. They can be made to fit your exact specifications so that your shutter fits perfectly and gives maximum protection. They come with either manual or electric operation depending on your requirements and are available for kinds of purposes and in a range of styles.

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Window Shutters

Who Can Benefit From These Superb Products?

Window security shutters are very functional yet they do not look obtrusive. We have fitted them to many different types of premises in the past. As well as being used on the exterior of properties there are window shutters that can be used to secure windows either internally or externally.

Manufactured to the highest possible standard, our window shutters will deter the most accomplished intruders and protect your from criminal damage and adverse weather conditions. We design our products to be sturdy and strong, and to last for years and years without the need for replacement.

Our technical advisors will be happy to discuss your requirements with you on a no obligation basis. So whether you are wanting more information on our products, or needing ou shutter repair service please either call call 0800 458 1135 or email at info@advancesecurity.uk.net

From Our Customers…

We were left high and dry by another well known Roller Shutters company in regard to proposed delivery times. Harry at Advanced Security Screening stepped in and surveyed and installed new fire shutters within a week!

Jo and Kevin Barbour from Surrey
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